Board Work

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  1. After Action Review of Financial Report
  2. Review Resolutions for Delegate Assembly
  3. Review Proposed Course Planning Guide for 2018-19
  4. First Reading Building Trades House Construction Project.  District Lot Proposal
  5. Consider/Approve Tentative 2017 Levy
  6. Resolution abating the tax heretofore levied for the year 2017 to pay principal of and interest on the District’s General Obligation School Bonds (Alternate Revenue Source), Series 2015A.
  7. Consider/Approve Changes in Board Meeting Procedures
  8. Consider/Approve Diesel Fuel Bids
  9. Consider/Approve 2:125 AP-2 Board Bereavement Procedures
  10. Consider/Approve 2017 District and School Report Cards
  11. Consider/Approve 2018 Major Medical Insurance Rates
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