Consent Agenda

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A. Consider/Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of September 8, 2016 (pp. 17-20)

B. Consider/Approve Closed Session Minutes of September 8. 2016

C. Consider/Approve D228 Financial Report (pp. 21-39)

D. Consider/Approve Geneseo Park District Business Membership (p. 40)

E. Consider/Approve Annual Asbestos Notification Letter (p.41)

F. Consider/Approve Board Policies (2:250, 3:10, 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 3:60, 3:70) (pp. 42-53)

G. Consider/Approve April 2017 Baseball Trip (pp. 54-58)

H. Consider/Approve Compliance Report (pp. 59-64)

I. Monthly Report of 8:80-E1, Gifts to the District from entity other than GEF

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