7. Board Work

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Date Adopted: 
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
  1. Consider/Approve Final Amended FY15 Budget
  2. Consider/Approve Resolution authorizing the issuance of general obligation alternate bonds in an aggregate principal amount of $11,000,000, for the purpose of building and equipping additions to the Millikin, Northside, and Southwest Elementary School Buildings, and improving the sites of and altering, repairing, and equipping school buildings, including alterations, repairs, and improvements to the Geneseo High School Auditorium and Stadium (pp. 207--216)
  3. Consider/Approve Resolution Authorizing the Dismissal of an Educational Support Personnel Employee and to Authorize Notice of Dismissal and Charges (pp. 217--220)
  4. Consider/Approve 2015-16 Board Goals (p. 221)
  5. Board Retreat Preview (p. 222)
  6. ProjectLEAF Report
  7. Nurses Report ((pp. 223--226)
  8. FOIA Report
    • USC Rossier (pp. 227--230)
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