Consent Agenda

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A. Consider/Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of March 9, 2017

B. Consider/Approve D228 Financial Report

C. Consider/Approve Board Policies-2:125, 5:60, 7:60, 7:310, 7:315

D. Monthly Report of 8:80-E1, Gifts to the District from Entity other than GEF

E. Consider/Approve District Registration Fees and GHS Miscellaneous Fees 2017-18

F. Consider/Approve Cafeteria Rates 2017-18

G. Consider/Approve S.A.F.E Rates 2017-18

H. Consider/Approve Education Support Personnel Starting Wages 2017-18

I. Consider/Approve 2018 Band/Choir Spring Break Trip to Nashville, TN

J. Consider/Approve IESA Annual Renewal



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