Regular August 07 Board Meeting-R

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - 7:00pm
Meeting Opening
  Call to Order  
  Pledge of Allegiance  
  Roll Call  
  Any Amendment(s) to the Agenda  
  Recognize Visitors/Public Participation  
Special Presentation(s)
  GSFEF and Athletic Department Presentation  
  Discussion of Possible New Scoreboard
  Items for Board Review pp. 1-3  
  Alliance Legislative Report 95-29 
Consent Agenda
  Consider/Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting of July 12, 2007 pp. 4-7  
  Consider/Approve Minutes of Special Meeting of July 12, 2007 pp. 8-9  
  Link to Meeting Minutes
  Consider/Approve Geneseo CUSD 228 Bills and Payroll pp. 10-63  
  Consider/Approve RRCAS Bills and Payroll pp. 64-77  
  Consider/Approve Minutes of July 17, 2007 Special Board Meeting pp. 78-80  
  Link to Meeting Minutes
  Consider/Approve Special Meeting Minutes of August 1, 2007 pp. 81-82  
  Consider/Approve Special Services Consultant Agreement pp. 83-84  
  Consider/Approve District Architect p. 85  
Personnel Consent Agenda
  Employment pp. 86-106  
  PT Music Teacher

BHC Liaison

HS Coaches and Sponsors

*Personnel Chart*
  Resignations pp. 107-110  
  Elementary Teacher (End of 2010-2011 School Year)
SAFE Worker
Southwest Aide
Action Items
  ** Suspend Meeting for Public Hearing regarding Rock River Cooperative Alternative School FY 08 Budget**  
  Consider/Approve FY 08 RRCAS Budget pp. 111-114  
  RRCAS Revenue Breakdown

FY 08 Budget Summary
FY 08 Cash Summary
ISBE Budget Summary
Excel Version of Final 08 Budget
  Consider/Approve Tentative FY 08 Geneseo 228 Budget for Public Display pp. 115-119  
  Consider/Approve Resolution Supporting H.R. 648 p. 120  
  Consider/Approve Action Resulting from Scoreboard Presentation  
  Consider/Approve 2007-08 District Scorecard p. 123  
Information Items
  Review 2007 Reports of Building Adequate Yearly Progress pp. 124-128  
  Report of Summer Construction Progress pp. 129-138  
  Summer Paint List
Summer Maintenance List
Summer Health/Life Safety
Any Other Items from Board or Administration
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