Regular July Board Meeting

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Thursday, July 12, 2007 - 7:00pm
Meeting Opening
  Call to Order  
  Pledge of Allegiance  
  Roll Call  
  Any Amendment(s) to the Agenda  
  Add Action Item to Amend Board Calendar Dates
Add Action Item to Consider/Approve Food Service Intergovernmental Agreement
Add Resignation to Personnel Agenda
  Recognize Visitors/Public Participation  
Special Presentation(s)
  None Scheduled for July  
  For Board Review (pp. 1-25)  
  Congratulations S.A.F.E. Positive Cash Flow 06-07
MS and HS Athletic Expenditures for 2006-07
2007-08 Fine Arts Calendar
Back to School 2007-08 Information Sheet
Master Board Member Information (Handout)
June Nurses Report (Handout)
Annawan Superintendent Letter

Consent Agenda
  Consider/Approve Minutes of June 14, 2007 Regular Board Meeting (pp. 26-32)  
  Consider/Approve Geneseo CUSD 228 Bills and Payroll (pp. 33-125)  
  Financial Overview Sheet

Funds 50 & 90 Expenses

Operating Fund Expenses
June Cash Flow 07
July 12th Check Summary
  Consider/Approve RRCAS Bills and Payroll and Minutes (pp. 126-150)  
  Consider/Approve Middle School Handbook for 2007-08 (pp. 151-195)  
  Consider/Approve High School Handbook for 2007-08 (pp. 196-221)  
  Consider/Approve Executive Session Minutes of June 14, 2007 as Closed (Separate Enclosure)  
  Consider/Approve Resolution for Closed Session Minutes Disposition (p. 222)  
  Consider/Approve Activity & Convenience Fund Report for 2007 (pp. 223-224)  
Personnel Consent Agenda
  Employment (pp. 225-226)  
  RRCAS Principal Notice of Benefit
HS Assistant Boys Tennis Coach
Cheerleader Sponsor(s)
  Resignations (p. 227)  
  1st Grade Teacher, effective immediately
District Office Secretary, effective September, 28, 2007
Action Items
  Consider/Approve Memorandum with GEA for Step Advancement Process (pp. 228-229)  
  Consider/Award Contract for Purchase of Concrete for HS Driveway  
  Consider/Award Contract for Purchase of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel (Available at Meeting)  
  Consider/Award Lighting Contract (p. 230)  
  (Amended) Consider/Approve Calendar for Board Meeting Dates  
  (Amended) Consider/Approve Food Service Intergovernmental Agreement  
Information Items
  Review Draft of Fiscal Year 2008 Budget (pp. 231-270)  
Unaudited Revenues, Expenses and Balances from FY 07
June 07 Cash Flow Report
Draft FY 08 Revenues: All Funds
Draft FY 08 Expenses: All Funds
Any Other Items from Board or Administration
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