Regular March Board Meeting

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Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 7:00pm
Meeting Opening
  Call to Order  
  Pledge of Allegiance  
  Roll Call  
  Any Amendment(s) to the Agenda  
  Recognize Visitors/Public Participation  
Special Presentation(s)
  High School Social Studies "Great Lesson"  
  Powerpoint format and Adobe format
  Report on District Response to Intervention Work and Building-Based Teams  
  Items for Board Review  
  Northside Newsletter
Millikin Newsletter
Alliance Legislative Report 95-3
February HS Discipline Report
Science "Good News"
HS Art "Good News"
Summer Learning Adventures
Advanced Placement Invitation
Electricity Update
Consent Agenda
  Consider/Approve Geneseo Bills and Payroll  
  Consider/Approve RRCAS Bills and Payroll  
  Consider/Approve Regular Minutes of February 8, 2007 Board Meeting  
  Consider/Approve Closed Session Minutes of February 8, 2007 Board Meeting as Closed  
  Consider/Approve Cafeteria Prices for 2007-08  
  Consider/Approve Educational Support Personnel Starting Wages for 2007-08  
  Consider/Approve Activity-Convenience Fund Update  
Personnel Consent Agenda
  Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Summer Driver's Education
Food Service
HS Counselor
  Elementary Teacher
MS Volleyball Coach
  Personnel Chart  
Action Items
  Consider/Approve Illinois Textbook Loan Program Application  
  HS Spanish Texts
  Consider/Approve Educational Support Personnel Handbook  
  Consider/Approve FY 08 Budget Parameters for Administrative and District Support Staff Salaries  
  Consider/Authorize Permission to Seek Bids for Electrical Work for Energy Grant  
  Consider/Approve Service Contract on HVAC Equipment  
  Consider/Approve Intent to Issue Working Cash Fund Bond Resolution  
  Consider/Approve Atkinson School Lease with Regional Office of Education  
  Consider/Confer Diplomas  
Information Items
  Hear Discussion of District and Building Scorecards  
  District Scorecard Update
Cocurricular Philosophy Update
Residency of Staff
Walker/Bus Rider Data
  Hear Discussion of Academic Targets Online Survey and Review Policy Draft  
Click here to take the survey.
Click here to see the status of the results to date.

  Hear Report on Status of Health Insurance Plan  
  Hear Discussion of Progress of Reorganization Feasibility Study  
  Initial Presentation of 2005-06 AYP Report  
Any Other Items from Board or Administration
  March 14th IASB Divisonal Dinner and Meeting
March 23rd Half-day Inservice
April 10th Committee of the Whole Meeting
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