Regular June School Board Meeting

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Thursday, June 8, 2006 - 7:00pm
Meeting Opening
  Items for Board Review  
  Annual HS Ag Report (Mr. Stahl will be available with some additional information)
Yearbook Award
May 15, 06 Teacher Inservice Evaluations
Special Presentation(s)
  K-5 Configuration Teacher Study Group  
  Powerpoint and Adobe Versions
Consent Agenda
  Consider/Approve Minutes of Regular May 9, 2006 Meeting  
  Consider/Approve Minutes of Closed Session of May 9, 2006 as Closed  
  Consider/Approve Bills, Minutes and Payroll for RRCAS  
  Consider/Approve Bills and Payroll for Geneseo CUSD #228  
  Consider/Approve IPM Coordinator  
  Consider/Approve Designated Asbestos Person  
  Consider/Approve High School Student Handbook for 2006-07  
Personnel Agenda
  2006-07 Student Teachers
2006-07 Elementary Grade Level Leaders
2006-07 Elementary Teachers (6)
2006-07 HS Asst Principal
2006-07 Elementary Art Teacher
2006-07 MS Math Teacher
2006-07 NS/Activity Center Custodian
2006-07 NS Playground Aide
2006   Summer Paint Crew
  HS Math Teacher (End of 2006)
SW Library Aide (End of 2007)
HS Science Teacher (End of 2006)
Special Education Aide (End of 2006)
HS Asst. Football
MS Social Worker (End of 2006)
  Personnel Summary Chart  
Action Items
  **Suspend Meeting for Public Hearing for FY 06 Budget Amendment For Geneseo and Rock River**  
  Consider/Approve Amended FY 06 Geneseo CUSD #228 Budget  
  Consider/Approve Amended FY 06 RRCAS Budget  
  Consider/Approve Transportation Agreement for FY 07  
  Consider/Approve Army SETS Memorandum  
  Consider/Approve Interfund Loan from Working Cash to Education Fund  
  Consider/Approve Henry County 2006 Prevailing Wages  
  Henry County 2006 Prevailing Wages
  Consider/Approve Resolution for Quad City/Tri-County Vocational Merger  
  Consider/Approve Property Casualty/Workers' Comp Insurance Renewal  
  Consider/Approve 2006-2010 Professional Agreement  
Information Items
  Discussion on TAG and TSL Scheduled Activities  
  Consider Revised 2006-07 Calendar for July 06 Adoption  
  First Review of ESP Salaries for FY 07  
  First Review of Administrative Salaries for FY 07  
  First Reading FY 07 RRCAS Budget  
  First Review of 06-07 Middle School Student Handbook  
  First Review of 06-07 Elementary Student Handbook  
  First Review of High School Parking Issues  
Any Other Information from Board or Administration
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