Regular May Board Meeting

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006 - 7:00pm
Meeting Opening
  Pledge of Allegiance  
  Roll Call  
  Public Participation  
  Consider/Approve any Amendments to Agenda  
  Add Southwest Aide Resignation to Personnel
Add HLS Completion Reports to Action Items
Special Presentation(s)
  Junior Achievement in District 228  
  High School Art Work  
  For Review by Board of Education  
  Graduation Information
Music Program Commendation
Atkinson Reading Commendation
Consent Agenda
  Consider/Approve Regular Minutes of April 11, 2006  
  Consider/Approve April 11, 2006 Executive Session Minutes as Closed  
  Consider/Approve Geneseo CUSD #228 Bills and Payroll  
  Consider/Approve RRCAS Bills, Payroll and February Minutes  
  Consider/Approve Amended Facility Use Policy 8:20  
  Consider/Approve May 1, 06 Special Meeting Minutes  
  Consider/Approve Minutes April 21, 06 Special Meeting  
Personnel Consent Agenda
  HS Band
HS Math
Maplettes Sponsor
HS Social Studies
HS Chemistry
  Southwest Custodian: Retiring June 06
Chart of Certified Staff Members
Southwest Classroom Aide
Action Items
  Consider/Approve Slate of 2006 GHS Graduates  
  Consider/Approve Transportation Contracting Agreement  
  Consider/Reject Fuel Bids  
  Consider/ Approve FY 07 IDEA Subgrant  
  Consider/Approve Purchase of Van  
  Consider/Approve Hazardous Busing Zones  
  Consider/Approve Amended FY 06 Budgets for Public Display  
  Consider/Approve Interfund Loans  
  Consider/Approve HLS Completion Reports  
Information Items
  Review Summer 2006 Paint List  
  Review Summer 2006 Maintenance List  
Any Other Items from Board or Administration
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