Regular April School Board Meeting

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 - 7:00pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Recognize Any Visitors
Consider/Approve any Amendments to the Agenda
  Add Retiree  
  For Board Review  
  Electricity Costs
Summer Academy Information
General State Aid History
March 31st Inservice Evaluations

Consent Agenda
  Approve Regular March 14, 2006 Geneseo Meeting Minutes  
  Approve Geneseo Bills and Payroll  
  Approve RRCAS Bills and Payroll  
  Approve March 22, 2006 Geneseo Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes  
  Approve Final 2005-06 Calendar Reflecting Emergency Day Use  
  Approve Application for IESA Speech Participation for Middle School  
Personnel Agenda
  Fall 06 Student Teachers
Volunteer MS Track Coach (3)
HS Guidance Dept Volunteer
Band Instructor
  MS Counselor (08)
HS Special Education (07)
HS Math (09)
Action Items
  Consider/Approve Reimbursement Resolution  
  Consider/Approve 2006-07 School Calendar  
  Consider/Approve Health Life Safety Amendments  
Information Items
  Hear Presentation by Middle School Staff regarding Building Philosophy and Plans  
  Discuss TAG Issues related to District Philosophy and Policy for Cocurriculars  
  Review Proposed Security Deposit for Facility Use 8:20-R2  
  Review Upcoming Collective Bargaining Calendar and Process  
Any Other Information by Board/Administration
* The Board will Adjourn for a Closed Session at Meeting Conclusion*
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