Regular February School Board Meeting

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 - 7:00pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Recognize Visitors
  Math Project Teachers  
Consider/Approve Any Amendment(s) to Agenda
  Consider/Amend to Place Reorganization Feasibility Participation as Action Item  
  FRN Calculations for Federal Funding Shortfall  
  Carroll Seating Refund  
  Parent Letter re. Academic Rigor at GHS  
  Library Per Capita Grant  
  Blackhawk Division Spring Meeting  
  No Contact Dates for Summer 2006  
  Student Recognized at Class AA Girls Basketball  
Consent Agenda
  Consider/Approve Minutes of Regular January 10, 2006 Meeting  
  3 Adobe pages
  Consider/Approve Minutes of Special Meeting of January 12, 2006 Meeting as Closed  
  Consider/Approve Minutes of Special Meeting of January 19, 2006  
  Click here to access minutes
  Consider/Approve Geneseo CUSD #228 Bills and Payroll  
  Consider/Approve Rock River Cooperative Alternative School Bills and Payroll  
  Consider/Approve Minutes of January 25, 2006 Committee of the Whole Meeting  
  Click here for Minutes
  Consider/Approve S.A.F.E. rates as presented at January, 10, 2006 Regular Meeting  
Personnel Agenda
  Student Teacher
PT Secretary (2)
Cafeteria Hourly Change
HS Principal
F/S Baseball Coach
Hearing Impaired Interpreter
  HS Principal
HS Math Teacher Retirement
Ladders Aide
Maplettes Sponsor
Action Items
  Consider/Approve District Scorecard 2006  
  Consider/Amend School Board Meeting Calendar  
  Consider/Approve Health/Life Safety Contracts for Doors and Frames  
Information Items
  Review Presentation of Attendance and Semester Exam Information  
  Exam attendance chart
Semester Grade Comparison
  Review Presentation of Proposed Changes in Textbook Fees  
  Review Presentation of Proposed Changes in High School Participation and Wellness Fees  
  Review Presentation of Proposed 2006-07 Cafeteria Prices  
  Review Presentation of Summer, 2006 Paint Crew Wages  
  First Reading of Risk Management Plan and Associated Job Descriptions  
  Risk Management Plan
Security Access Clerk
Hearing Officer
  First Review of 2006-07 School Calendar  
  GEA Proposal
Any Other Business by Board or Administration
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