Regular School Board Meeting

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 - 7:00pm

Regular July Board Meeting. First attempt at using SchoolBoardNet


Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Recognize Visitors
  Visitors who wish to address the Board should complete the Request Form available at the meeting.  
Approve any additions or deletions to the agenda
  J.D.Darnall Library Recognition  
  Summer Maintenance Update  
  Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity  

We have received a modification/waiver to a grant amendment we submitted to try to access the remaining $75,000 for the Activity Center. As you recall we anticipated a $150,000 grant, but this has been withheld at the Governor's request.


  School Board Member PAC  
  The entire board of education can become a member of The School Board Members Pac for $25 (that's not the cost individually, but for the entire board). As a member of the School Board Member Pac you can have your voice heard. By becoming a member you join with others who share your values. Your voice may be heard on matters such as: School Funding, NCLB, Tax Caps, Unfunded Mandates and other areas.
Consent Agenda
  Approve minutes of the regular meeting of June 14, 2005  

Will be approved at the July meeting. 

  Approve minutes of the Executive Session of June 14, 2005 as Closed.  
  Approve Geneseo CUSD 228 bills and payroll  
  Financial Coversheet
  Approve Rock River Cooperative Alternative School Financial Report  
  See attached cover sheet.
  Proposed Modification to Board Policy 8:20R for Facility Use  
  Presented at June Meeting
  Approve minutes of the Executive Session of May 10, 2005 as Closed.  
Personnel Agenda
  See Personnel Chart
  See Personnel Chart
Action Items
  Consider/Approve Health Life Safety Amendment for Southwest Locks  
  Scott Johnson has reviewed the security at Southwest School and we are approved to submit to the ROE to have new locks installed at SW, using Health/Life Safety funds.
  Consider/Approve Health Life Safety Amendment for Security Cameras at Activity Center  

The overview document is the same as for the locks.

  Consider/Approve Contract Awards for Milk, Bakery Items, Pizza and Gasoline for 2005-06 School Year  
  This will be voted on as one agenda item.
  Consider/Approve 2005-06 Geneseo High School Student Handbook  
  Revised with Board suggestions from June, 05 Meeting. Submitted by Mr. Payne
  Consider/Approve 2005-06 Educational Support Personnel Compensation Schedule  
  Will be reviewed by the Finance Committee on Monday.
  Consider/Approve 2005-06 Administrative Support Personnel Compensation Schedule  
  Will be reviewed by Finance Committee on Monday.
  Consider/Approve 2005-06 Administrative Personnel Compensation Schedule  
  Includes building administrators, Director of Instruction and Director of Operations
Information Items
  Review June 28, 2005 Henry County School Meeting at ROE  

This was a meeting attended by Mr. Puentes and Mr. Kuffel.

Newspaper article about the event.

  Review Draft of Fiscal Year 2006 District #228 Budget  
  Will be reviewed by Finance Committee on July 12th at Noon.
  Review District Technology Plan and Approval  
  Memorandum received from Mike Maternach on June 21, 2005 indicating that our Technology Plan has been reviewed and approved by a Learning Technology Center 2 West Peer Review Panel. The technology plan will expire June 30, 2008.
  Review Upcoming IASB "Targeting Achievement Through Governance" meeting  
  I have contacted Deb Larson from IASB in hopes we can meet on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 at 6:30 p.m. in the District Office.
  Review District Emergency Plan and AED Protocol  
  Drafts of documents suggested by IASB and some collaboration with Deb Rokis. Further information available.
Any other Business by Board/Administration
  Refer to Finance Committee for overview of GIFT presentation  
Minute: Referred to Finance Committee to develop options/ideas for how to use the Blade Waterman dollars on a long-term basis. Ideas will be shared with the full board in a report and further Committee of the Whole discussion.

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